Whisky & Rum Tasting Night June 23rd

A night to remember, after the huge success of our last sell out Gin and Vodka tasting nights we have decided to host another night however this time tasting either Rum or Whisky.

The Rum and Whisky tasting night will give you a chance to sample your favourite tipple, just pick which you would like to drink (Rum or Whisky, yes its that simple) and you will be given shots of 8 different brands to taste. For those that prefer mixers there will be ample different mixers to try along with fruit and ice placed in and around the restaurant, forcing you to move and mingle. Whilst tasting each Rum/Whisky you have to score it on a 0-5 basis (score cards are provided). The winners will be revealed at the end of the night.

You will be giving twenty minutes to try each drink before the next one is served, making this a very chilled and relaxed night. However it may be a little messy at the end.

Tickets are £25.00 making it a very cheap night (all mixers and spirits included) and on a first come first served basis as there are limited numbers and payment will be in advance to confirm reservation (non refundable).

Please message to reserve your tickets (please do not comment in post). Our events sell out straight away due to this payment is needed in advance to confirm your booking as there will be a waiting list of people wanting to attend.

For those that don’t drink rum or whisky we may consider adding gin dependant on numbers so please message.

Tickets are non refundable


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